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Our Objectives
Protection of the environment by supporting and realizing environmental protection projects.

The idea for the current campaign:

Collect a piece of rubbish on your trip, preferably plastic rubbish

That's how the idea for
"One Trip One Pick"
came about

During a boat trip on the Amazon in Brazil, I noticed a few plastic bottles and empty oil cans floating around
in the water, where they actually have no place.

Then I thought to myself: If every excursion boat would collect just one piece of rubbish on every trip,
it would help a lot, it wouldn't affect the course of the trip
and it would certainly be fun for most of the participants and give them a good feeling.

Participating travel agencies and tour operators could also advertise with the "One Trip One Pick" seal and guests who
have chosen a specific tour operator because of this seal would also pay attention to the implementation.

We also hope that on an excursion flying the "One Trip One Pick" flag,
both passengers and staff would have significantly more inhibitions,
e.g. B. simply throwing garbage out of the vehicle or otherwise disposing of it wildly.

Private travellers are invited to join the campaign, no matter if travelling on water or land!

A win-win-win situation!
(Environment - passengers - tour operators)

All in all, it should be fun for everyone and nobody should feel compelled to do anything unreasonable.

So what we don't want is a big ship doing a huge maneuver because of a plastic bottle!

The subsequent thought was that you could also do it when driving land vehicles .. :-)

Please help!

Wild plastic waste is now almost everywhere on the planet!

Who cares?
Most of us!

Doing things together is fun!

Who can participate:
Anyone who sets foot in front of the door!
Participation and use of the seal is free of charge for private individuals.

Current fundraising campaign:  HERE!

Who should be addressed in particular:

Tour operators who (also) use smaller vehicles.

What do the tour operators / travel organizers get out of it?
Tour operators / travel organizers who are allowed to participate free of charge in the first year,
later for a small fee, graded according to company size,
will carry our "I-Clean-the-planet // One-Trip-One-Pick"
seal and thereby stand out from the competition.

Furthermore, interested customers can select directly participating companies
for travel booking via the homepage

Interim result as of 11/11/2022

Would you spend up to 1 percent more on your vacation trip if something visibly done on the rice was done?

Would you find it disturbing if at least one piece of (plastic) waste was removed from nature on every trip (> 20 minutes)
with smaller vehicles (up to 4 tons gross vehicle weight)
, as far as this is possible with reasonable effort
and without affecting the travel process?
Or in short: would you be annoyed by such collection campaigns?


The rules:

1. The commercial participants undertake to collect at least 1 piece of (plastic) rubbish per journey for longer (from approx. 20 minutes) journeys in smaller vehicles with passengers, as far as possible with reasonable effort . Smaller vehicles are land and water vehicles up to and including 4 tons permissible total weight.

Smaller vehicles are land and water vehicles up to and including 4 tons permissible total weight.
For private participiants it´s a "should".

2. The rubbish to be collected should preferably be rubbish which, if left in the location where it is found, is likely to damage animals, plants or people directly or indirectly. The participants undertake to dispose of the collected and their own waste properly and in accordance with local regulations.

3. Commercial participation is free for the first year (365 days from joining), from the 2nd year a small fee will be charged for the participation. The price depends on the number of vehicles active for the participant (up to and including 4 tons).

4. ICTP undertakes to provide the paying participants with advertising material in digital form (round ICTP seal!) and to link the member's website (or offers).

5. After the end of the participation, the ICTP seal must be removed immediately, at the latest on the 5th working day after the end, from all websites, print media and vehicles of the departing participant.


Further actions, eg for the renaturation of landscaped areas, are in preparation..


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Represented by:
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Graduate Geologist (CEO)

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